How to Make Your Ouya Fly : Top 5 Secret Ouya Tips and Tricks

1. How to turn your Ouya into an Airplane.


Thanks to UPnP Ouya is compatible with all the latest Matcatz flight sticks!

The Ouya was designed from the ground up to be a flight simulists wet-dream come true; that’s why it comes with a built in Airplane mode, available under the “Manage” section in the options.

Be warned though, this mode is still in the early-backer preview stages of testing and will currently disconnect your controllers, leaving you no way of ever connecting them to the console again. This is entirely intentional though; as you know, Julie is a passionate campaigner against the USA’s extraordinary rendition process and wanted to show gamers the feeling of helplessness and despair that such prisoners must feel each and every day.

2. How to fix your Ouya controller’s dead zone “issues”


The red dots show where the responsiveness is concentrated.

We all know that there aren’t any real problems with the Ouya controllers but some unlucky folks have run into the infamous “glue” issues that slipped through our friend at the plant’s fingers. When Ouya set out to make the Stradivarius of controllers they rigorously tested each and every one by getting 80% or more at Street Fighter. Unfortunately the testing conditions only extend to the factory gates and while in transit they can be subject to the intense heat of our sun, causing the glue, liberally applied for lasting quality, to melt into the Ouyas proprietary faceplate magnet grooves.

The solution to this, as with so many things, is surprisingly simple. Simply place your controller in the oven at 150°C for 20-30 minutes until it begins to brown. This will “reset” the glue and allow you to continue gaming as intended, once it’s cooled, of course! 🙂 Ovenya!


Once baked, the hardware becomes good as new!

3. How to make your face plate buttons more responsive


As you can see, there are so many buttons to press, sometimes mistake do get made.

As before, any responsiveness issues are entirely down to glue leaks during transit. If you find that baking your hardware is insufficient then why not try waiting for the Ouya 2 : The yearly hardware refresh will be announced in early 2014!

4. How to increase your Ouya’s frame rate while playing Vice City


Some gamers have raised their Vice City frame rate from a stunning 12fps to an incredible 14fps using this trick!

If, like so many others, you have side loaded the incredible Ouya exclusive port of GTA: Vice City, been wowed by the buttery smooth graphics and immersive city building game-play, but been left wondering if you could squeeze just a little extra out of your ninja reference Tegra 3 architecture then wonder no more! Simply put your Ouya in the oven and bake for 2-3 months beyond the initial launch date to ramp up those maximum megahertz!

Also, The Ouya 2 announcement is merely months away now – the new processor is said to incorporate the new MMX technology from AMD, which will make your illegal ROMS run at least twice as well as before!

5. How to root your Ouya


Surprisingly, given the Ouyas free and open nature, its out-of-the-box Root Button(tm) and it’s extreme moddability, the Ouya does not actually come with the bootloader unlocked, nor is there any root access to the kernel. Fear not though Cynogen fans there is a fabulously easy solution! Simply root your mobile telecommunications device, buy a micro-HDMI out cable, choose from millions of games and applications from this website and imagine that you are holding a fully rooted Ouya in your greasy palms!

If you don’t feel comfortable giving money to the big 3 though, worry ye not! The Ouya 2 : Yearly Retail Hardware Refresh Edition will be announced next Tuesday and will come with not one but two fully rootable root buttons!


6 thoughts on “How to Make Your Ouya Fly : Top 5 Secret Ouya Tips and Tricks

  1. Help I turned on Airplane mode and my OUYA tore through the roof of my house and woke my neighbors and now I can’t find it, how do I get a replacement>

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